Friday, June 8, 2012

Awaiting the red-eye to Kathmandu

I am alive and well in Doha, Qatar. However, I’m working with an unreliable Wi-Fi connection and 51% battery life, so I’ll just highlight a few interesting things from my journey so far:
  •  At the security checkpoint in Pittsburgh, I had my bags searched and was treated like a suspected terrorist because I forgot to remove liquids from my carry-on. At the security checkpoint in Qatar, I didn’t have to remove my shoes, electronics or liquids, and I walked on through that metal detector like a boss. Kind of funny, right?
  •  Qatar Airways gives you heated hand wipes. You haven’t experienced luxury until you’ve used a heated hand wipe.
  • The Middle East is hot. Really hot. And I was only outside for five minutes.
  • One of the Doha airport stores has an enormous $58 tub of Nutella for sale. Why does this exist?
  •  I still have three hours until my next flight, and I have nothing left to write about. 

    Wish me luck for my next flight to Kathmandu! 

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  1. Patience! (And, yes, you should be laughing loudly -- me? Patient? Ha!)